Throughout the scriptures we are told that heavenly realms exist beyond our physical perception.  In acknowledge of this biblical assertion, throughout the ages the Hebrew and Christian Prophets and Mystics have conveyed to us that they could receive instruction from Messengers of God who we call Angels, who are said to dwelled in a heavenly realm.  Yet, science rejects what the scriptures and religious holy men and women have continually stated, because they cling to a Darwinist perception of life which is based upon the premises that nothing exists beyond this material three-dimensional world in which we live, and all of Creation is the result of natural, rather than supernatural forces.   

One of the primary obstacles in our understanding of both the scriptures and life itself is seen in the fact that we embrace a Darwinist perception of life -- and even people of faith who ardently oppose the Theory of Evolution fail to recognize that in the reinterpretation of the Word by the fourth century Roman Church, even the modern Fundamentalist Christian views both the Bible and life from a quasi-Darwinist perspective that is totally alien to the original teachings of The Way.    Thus, in the fourth-century rape and destruction of the true people of the New Covenant, the Church of Constantine not only defiled the teachings of The Way, but molded the thinking of society along a course that naturally gave birth to men such as Darwin and the Atheist Manifesto that pervades our culture today.

The problem is seen in the fact that we have permitted ourselves to become anchored to an erroneous perception of Creation -- and while Darwin and his theory of evolution remains the holy grail of the Atheist and Secular Humanist who are the architects and guardians of our modern-day culture, even the more enlightened scientist readily sees the flaw in this very mechanical and limited perception of life.   In the words of Niles Eldredge of the American Museum of Natural History: “The old explanation that the fossil record was inadequate is in itself an inadequate explanation.”   Why?   The fossil record is inadequate because everything that we see and perceive in this realm is directly caused by patterns of force being exerted upon matter from beyond the bounds of this three-dimensional world in which we presently dwell.

Einstein experienced shock when he first came into contact with the new reality of atomic physics, and wrote in his autobiography:  “All my attempts to adapt the theoretical foundation of physics to this [new type of] knowledge failed completely.   It was as if the ground had been pulled out from under one, with no firm foundation to be seen anywhere, upon which one could have built”.   In much the same fashion, the European physicist Niels Bohr stated that “…The great extension of our experience in recent years has brought to light the insufficiency of our simple mechanical conceptions and, as a consequence, has shaken the foundation on which the customary interpretation of observation was based.”    These “…mechanical conceptions” make reference to Darwin and the theory of evolution.

In his 1951 textbook on quantum theory, Bohm offered some interesting speculations on the analogies between quantum processes and thought processes, thus carrying further the celebrated statement made by the astronomer James Jeans two decades earlier: “Today there is a wide measure of agreement… that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine”; and the statement by astronomer Arthur Eddington:  “The stuff of the universe is mind-stuff”.   More recently, cyberneticist David Foster described “an intelligent universe” whose apparent concreteness is generated by cosmic data from an unknowable, organized source.   The holographic theory says that: “…our brains mathematically construct hard reality by interpreting frequencies from a dimension transcending time and space.   The brain is a hologram, interpreting a holographic universe.”  

What is the impact of these findings of modern science?   The reality that is being conveyed is that what we perceive as solid physical matter, is being interpreted in this manner because our brains interpret that frequency to make what we see appear concrete.   Moreover, what it also means is that we perceive only a fraction of Creation because our brains, which by virtue of the fact of their physical nature, can only detect frequencies that are within the same spectrum.   In the same way that in order to be effective, an antenna must possess the physical characteristics that enables it to receive a certain range of the frequencies that the device (radio, TV, wireless phone, etc.) is intended to operate within, our physical mind and bodies are designed to function within a certain spectrum of Creation -- and this is predicated by the fact that our physical nature is composed of the elements that are of this world.  

Just as important is the fact that we only use less than ten percent of our potential of mind which corresponds to the ten percent (physical) spectrum of frequencies with which we interact with in this world, because very few of us have ever trained and developed our minds to go beyond this natural organic limitation.   Once we begin to comprehend this fact -- and strive to overcome the three-dimensional barrier of this world -- only then can we begin to comprehend the constant biblical assertion that carnal man is blind to higher reality.

That the Bible continually warns the reader that man in his natural organic state of mind neither understands what he sees with his physical eyes -- and perceives only a very limited perception of reality -- is easily confirmed in the above statements by the modern scientist.   What this equates to is conformation of the many truths that biblical holy-men and prophets have invariably declared and warned us about with respect to the fact that what we see is not concrete -- and what we see with our physical eyes appears to us as solid matter, only because our physical brains are wired in such a way so as to interpret it in this manner.  

Fundamentally this means that what we see when we look out into the world is a very limited perception of reality, and equates to nothing more than the same ten percent of our potential of mind that we are limited to using by nature -- i.e., men and women who use less than ten percent of their potential of mind are only capable of perceiving less than ten percent of the totality of Creation and the world in which they dwell.  Yet, to our own demise, we fail to embrace the reality that men such as Martin Luther, Darwin, our many scholars and philosophers throughout the history of the world, the people who teach our children, the political and religious leaders who convey to us their very incomplete and limited religious doctrines, quasi-scientific theories, and philosophies about life, all have failed to overcome the very flaw in human reasoning that caused the Apostle Paul to both condemn the wisdom of this world as foolishness, and warn us that the people of the simple faith do not comprehend the Spiritual Gospel of Messiah Yeshua!   Yet, we ignore the wisdom of the Apostle, and erroneously believe that man can attain to higher understanding while still using less than ten percent of his potential of mind -- a ten percent that only detects a very limited and suppressed spectrum of the totality of Creation.   The problem is that to recognize the great dilemma that confronts man is not enough -- only a truly Great Soul possess the vision and experience to lead others to the Kingdom of Light that lies beyond the barriers of this world -- and when Constantine and his forces of darkness snuffed out the lives of the true disciples of Jesus, all of mankind has paid the price!

In the first two chapters of Paul’s First Epistle to the Corinthians the Apostle very clearly teaches that there is the “testimony” of Messiah Yeshua that is preached to the multitudes of people, and the “mysteries” of the Gospel that cannot even be contemplated by those believers who have yet to be transformed by the Spirit, and are still of a natural organic state of mind.   While this reality was difficult for men such as Martin Luther and Darwin to envision, this is no longer the case in our present time.   Luckily, our modern scientific advances have provided us with great insight into understanding what Paul was attempting to convey to the mind of the still carnal believer.   Once we are able to comprehend that we are dwelling in a non-mechanical “…holographic universe” that is now being described as being of an intelligent nature -- i.e., and appears to us in every way as a great thought -- only then can we begin to truly understand the universal plight of man that Jesus came to free us from.   What the Bible portrays as Satan -- both collectively and as a singular being who opposes the Heavenly Kingdom -- can more appropriately be portrayed as the power or force which bonds and shackles us to this world through the organic physical body/vessels we are presently residing in.  

If we are to use an analogy or comparison, Satan can thus best be understood as the gravity of mind that holds our thinking to this world.   In the same way that gravity keeps our bodies attached to the surface of the earth, the satanic force the Bible warns us of keeps our thoughts attached to the physical.   Moreover, because we dwell in an “…intelligent universe” which attempts to fight off all threats to its existence in the manner of our own physical bodies fighting off an invading germ or disease, any time we attempt to move into harmony with our indwelling soul or spirit, the physical world not only inhibits us, but will garner its own forces to overcome us in the manner of the body producing antibodies to combat a virus or foreign microbe.   It is for this reason that the Apostle Paul wrote of the war that rages in his flesh that opposes the law of the spirit -- and that all those who are of the flesh will die because they cannot live in accordance with the spirit.  

While the modern Christian will passionately and vehemently oppose this statement on the basis of an incomplete understanding of Paul’s doctrine of faith -- i.e., saying, they have received the promise of being saved -- the Apostle very clearly warned that unless the believer begins to do the Will of the Lord, and follow in his footsteps into the Kingdom, then they have neither faith or belief, and they are what the Apostle himself portrays as counterfeit Christians.   The problem is that our whole perception of life is built upon a great error.   We have permitted ourselves to become imbued with a Darwinist mindset that has alienated us from our very source of being.  

The implications of our post-Darwinist, modern emerging scientific view, means that the vision of the world that Jesus taught is correct, and what we perceive with our bodily physical senses is not only in direct relation to the ten percent limitation of mind that we functionally use, but is in fact only an illusion and symbol of man’s higher reality.   The problem is that the person who has developed his spiritual abilities that permit him to sense these other parallel realms that are beyond the perception of carnal man – i.e., the spiritual holy man/woman who is often referred to as a mystic -- is in fact the scientist and explorer of the religious world, is generally not listened to by the great masses of people who remain sense bound in their perception of life.   Yet, the great truth that we fail to recognize today is the fact that the modern scientist who has evolved his thinking out of the Darwinist dark ages, now shares the plight of the religious visionary/mystic, in that both are equally ignored by those who champion their cause in the world.

In a February 1979 Psychology Today interview with brain scientist Karl Pribram, the world which he attempted to describe confirmed the vision witnessed by the Hebrew prophet and confirmed in the Bible: “It isn’t that the world of appearances is wrong; it isn’t that there aren’t objects out there, at one level of reality.   It’s that if you penetrate through and look at the universe with a holographic system, you arrive at a different reality, one that can explain things that have hitherto remained scientifically inexplicable: paranormal phenomena… synchronicities, the apparently meaningful coincidence of events”.

What Karl Pribram was attempting to warn us is that the universal voice of the prophet throughout the ages was correct -- that what we perceive as solid objects is not solid at all -- and they appear to us as concrete objects because our physical senses cause them to be seen as being solid.   This fact is not only true, but it is conformation that in many instances, those in the past who were condemned as religious heretics, were not the heretics -- but rather, the genuine visionaries who were able to perceive the true depth of both the material world, as well as the religious teachings that enable man to overcome the obstacle which confronts and binds him to this deceptive physical reality.  

Now that science has itself evolved beyond the very limited perception of men such as Darwin, it has become possible for us to begin to perceive that what scientist Karl Pribram was attempting to explain with respect to what is continually presented throughout the scriptures, and is very clearly portrayed in the Gospel of Luke: “So all those in the synagogue, when they heard these things, were filled with wrath, and rose up and thrust Him out of the city; and they led Him to the brow of the hill on which their city was built, that they might throw Him down over the cliff. Then passing through the midst of them, He went His way” (Luke 4:28-30 NKJ).   What Jesus did was simply withdraw the presence of his physical body from being able to be detected by the carnal minds of the men who were attempting to kill him -- i.e., he altered the frequency that he emanated -- and simply walked right through the midst of them to safety.

Once we begin to understand this greater reality of Creation that has been revealed to us by the modern scientist, we start to realize that the same obstacle that has existed throughout the ages of the past continues to plague and limit us to this very day.   In his Preface to Stalking The Wild Pendulum, by Itzhak Bentov, William A. Tiller, Materials Sciences Department, Stanford University writes: “The present scientific establishment has grown somewhat fossilized by its current world picture and is locked into a view of reality that has outlived its usefulness.  It has begun to limit mankind’s growth and has so increased its sense of specialization, separateness, materiality, and mechanical computer-like functioning that it is in real danger of self-extermination”.   Yet this fossilized science is still being promoted among our school children -- it remains as the founding principle upon which our culture is based -- it is being used to inhibit both religion and freedom in our present-day culture -- and has greatly limited the ability of man to function in his true multidimensional and spiritual reality.

The text of Itzhak Bentov’s book itself reveals that: “The quantum theory asserts that there is no way one can measure some sets of things, like momentum and position, together very accurately... because the consciousness of the experimenter interacts with the experiment itself.   Therefore, it becomes possible that the attitude of the experimenter must also influence the outcome of any particular experiment”.  

Thus, we begin to contemplate the interrelatedness of mind and matter and the fact that our whole politically correct culture has become an obstacle to the advancement of mankind.   In the very narrow linear perception of the “fossilized” world-view that is taught in science class in our schools today, the idea that the mind of the experimenter can impact the results of the experiment itself is simply beyond the scope of understanding.   If everything we see is a detached, separate inanimate object, then we have no means to even contemplate how the mind of a person can affect the outcome of a given experiment? That there is an unseen connection between mind and matter, and man is able to consciously and unconsciously effect what we perceive as inanimate objects with his own patterns of thought, means that our present-day cultural and quasi-scientific perception of Creation itself is defective.   Moreover, when we attempt to interpret the scriptures through the filter of our flawed vision and inherent understanding, it is impossible for us to even begin to perceive the true depth and revelation of the Word of God!   The problem is that we can never start to embrace man’s true reality, until we begin to acknowledge and recognize that what we see is only a fragment of the whole picture of any given object.

Robert Jastrow, an astrophysicist who heads NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, pointed out that the big bang is not exactly an explanation of cause.   He is quoted in The Aquarian Conspiracy: “If a scientist really examines the implications, he would be traumatized.  As usual, when the mind is faced with trauma, it reacts by ignoring the implications - in science this is called ‘refusing to speculate’ - or by trivializing the origin of the world by calling it the Big Bang, as if the universe were merely a firecracker”.

Mr. Jastrow then continues and states: “Consider the enormousness of the problem: Science has proved that the universe exploded into being at a certain moment.  It asks, what cause produced this effect?  Who or what put the matter and energy into the universe?  Was the universe created out of nothing or was it gathered together out of pre-existing materials?  And science cannot answer these questions... It is not a matter of another year, another decade of work, another measurement, or another theory.  At this moment it seems as though science will never be able to raise the curtain on the mystery of creation”.

In the realization that traditional scientific inquiry can never provide the answers to life, thoughtful physicists in greater number have begun to notice the curious parallels between their own findings and ancient mystical descriptions of reality.   These similarities were pointed out in the book, The Tao Of Physics, by Fritjof Capra, and The Dancing Wu Li Masters by Gary Zukav.   Zukav’s book takes its title from the Chinese expression for physics, wu li, which he translates as “patterns of organic energy”, and writes: “Bell’s theorem not only suggests that the world is quite different than it seems, it demands it.   Something very exciting is happening.   Physicists have ‘proved’ rationally that our rational ideas about the world in which we live are profoundly deficient”.

Bell’s theorem, which was proposed in 1964 by J.S. Bell, a physicist working in Switzerland, was first confirmed experimentally in 1972.  Physicist Henry Stapp, in a 1975 federal report called it the most “profound discovery of science”.   Bell’s theorem succeeds in exhibiting the bizarre nature of the subatomic world.   Experiments show that if paired particles which are identical twins in their polarity fly apart, and the polarity of one is changed by an experimenter, the polarity of the other particle changes instantaneously.   Even though they appear to us as separate, the particles remain mysteriously connected regardless of the fact that there is no physical connection.   The problem is that the mind of man in it’s natural organic state is simply incapable of perceiving the far-reaching ramifications of this great truth -- and even less prepared to comprehend the results of the intertwining connections that are maintained not only between individuals and groups of people, but between the past, the present, and future.

SEXUAL LIBERATION -- OR SPIRITUAL DEATH? Modern social re-engineers have deemed the biblical lifestyle of marital fidelity as being antiquated and outmoded -- but is it?   Even many supposed religious authorities have questioned the validity of the biblical authors -- and have in recent years especially attacked what they view as the extreme and outmoded morality of the Apostle Paul.   Is his theology out-of-date, as many assert today?   Or did he possess a vision of this material world that we are only now beginning to comprehend?   If Bell’s “profound discovery of science” is applied to the relationship of husband and wife and the Divine Pattern of Creation, then sexual partners not only remain connected, but continue to strongly influence each other throughout the rest of their lives.   Once we add in the teachings of Hebrew/Christian Mysticism that God can only be realized by men and women who have become “One Flesh”, and overcome their own states of masculine/feminine division, only then we can begin to realize why our present promiscuous lifestyle has been deemed the pollution of the flesh by the prophets who authored the Bible!  

Were the authors of the Bible narrow-minded old men who feared sexual variety, expression and bliss?   Or in their elevated vision of the world and Creation did they perceive and observe great truths that the majority of people who see only a very limited spectrum of the frequencies of Creation are blind to?   How can the two become “One Flesh” and enter into a state of total harmony, when both Bell’s theorem and the prophets of old agree that we remain intimately connected to all those with whom we engage in sexual congress?   Moreover, Bell has proven that those we have engaged in sexual relations in the past, continue to impact and color our thinking throughout our lives.   If, then, we are truly the advocates of freedom and choice that we proclaim to be today, shouldn’t we make this knowledge available to our children when we teach them sex education in school?   Shouldn’t we convey to them the reality that if they engage in sex with a variety of partners as is being advocated today, that they may never be able to enter into a marriage in the genuine biblical sense, and they will never be able to become “One Flesh” with their spouse?

Quite contrary to the Darwinist perception of Creation which continues to be taught to our children today, the only explanation for Bell’s theorem that can possibly be arrived at is the realization that the particles remain connected in a realm beyond the three-dimensions in which we presently dwell.   What does this mean to us?   It not only tells us that Darwin’s perception of Creation was in grave error, but is confirmation that what we see with our physical senses is merely a very limited and partial view of reality -- an extended reality we fail to see because of the impairment of our perception of the world -- which extended reality is in fact the controlling force in our lives.   Ultimately, what this means is that at best, we possess merely the illusion of freedom and choice.   If it is true that visionaries of the past who we have ignorantly portrayed as narrow-minded, sexually frustrated old men took the position they did because they saw the result and impact of the heathen, hedonistic and self-indulgent promiscuous lifestyle of the people of the Nations, then the joke is truly on us when we condemn what we do not understand! 

Only when we begin to truly comprehend the far-reaching aspects of this profound truth are we able to understand the many warnings of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.   Where the people of the simple faith imagine that God keeps a running tally with regard to a person’s deeds and miss-deeds in their life in which they will later be judged, the truth and reality of the scriptures is better represented in the above words of Gary Zukav when he wrote: “Bell’s theorem not only suggests that the world is quite different than it seems, it demands it... Physicists have ‘proved’ rationally that our rational ideas about the world in which we live are profoundly deficient”.   And when we rationally analyze these words of the modern scientist, don’t we also have to admit that the Bible continually states exactly the same thing?

What these all-important truths convey to us is a number of realities that, to our own demise, we are simply not prepared to even contemplate.   In the first place we can now begin to understand that God does not keep a tally-sheet of all our deeds and misdeeds -- but rather, every aspect of our life remains with us, and is stored in another sphere of ourselves that is simply beyond our physical ability to detect.   Taking this still one step further: We can begin to comprehend the biblical doctrine that each of us inherits the fruit of our own labors -- which is little more than the assertion of the scriptures that we should “…not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (Gal 6:7 NIV).

The rather stark reality that is now confirmed by both modern science and the original teachings of the New Covenant, is that when we view ourselves in the mirror, what we actually perceive is merely a fragment of our true self.   Moreover, quite contrary to what we have been taught by well-meaning and inspired cultural prophets, what we see as a separate and unique physical body, remains intimately connected to the other people in our lives.   Further, these people and experiences continue to strongly influence our thinking and course of life, because they remain ever-present with us at another level of our being that is beyond our physical perception.   Only when we begin to recognize this great truth, can we begin to equate the importance of what Jesus taught with respect to the all-encompassing reality that what we do to our brothers and sisters with regard to our judgments and our deeds remain with us.   How?   As unseen connections that intimately impact our lives as they interact with us throughout the various parts of our body that we cannot see and detect with our physical senses.

What confronts us is the problem that modern science has only now just begun to reveal to us a greater picture of both ourselves and the world in which we live that is simply beyond the scope of our present-day notions of Creation.   Fundamentally, the linear and rational view of the world that we teach our children is devoid of any connection with man’s true reality because of its fragmentary and limited scope of perception.   The problem is that because our culture is firmly attached to a very fossilized perception of the world -- a culture that, like a drug, is impossible to break loose of without an almost total withdrawal -- we are unable to alter the present very destructive course we are traveling upon.

In his book, Urbausteine der Materie, physicist Walter Thirring wrote about matter that modern physics “has put our thinking about the essence of matter in a different context.   It has taken our gaze from the visible - the particles - to the underlying entity, the field.   The presence of matter is merely a disturbance of the perfect state of the field at that place; something accidental, one could almost say, a ‘blemish’.   Accordingly, there are no simple laws describing the forces between elementary particles… Order and symmetry must be sought in the underlying field.”

Stop reading!  Do not unconsciously skim over these words of the modern scientist that confront you with a universal reality that if we fail to understand, enslaves each and every person who dwells in this world today!   These words represent such a great revelation to the mind of modern man whose cultural mindset totally alienates him from his own true reality, that I believe every reader should ask themselves what this statement by a respected physicist means to them?   What is the relationship of these words to your present life?   How do they impact what you believe?   Once it is understood that our lives are not only controlled, but predestined prior to our birth into this physical world by the combination of interweaving fabric of law, mind and spirit that comprises the makeup of the elements of the field that surrounds us -- acting as a filter that colors both our vision and perceptions of life -- elements that cause us to be either a victim or predator, successful or unsuccessful, lucky, fortunate or a total failure in life -- are all the result of the pattern of organic energy the interacts between a person’s field and every aspect of their lives.   Moreover, true change, development and transformation can only be brought about when one begins to alter the source of the events and personal agenda of one’s life that is found embedded in what the scientist describes as the field.

What few of us will realize is the fact that these words with respect to the all-encompassing impact of the field as it interacts with what we perceive as physical matter, are in fact the (scientific) equivalent of the conclusion spoken by biblical scholar A. Powell Davies with respect to the relationship between modern religious doctrine and the Dead Sea Scrolls when he said: “Biblical scholars were not disturbed by what they found in the Dead Sea Scrolls because they had known all along that the origin of Christianity was not what was commonly supposed to have been” (quoted by Millar Burrows in More Light on the Dead Sea Scrolls).  

What physicist Walter Thirring is stating to us is that everything we are presently teaching our children in our modern-day educational systems is not only grave and disturbing error, but is in fact detrimental to a proper understanding of Life and Creation.   The Bible reveals to us that there are two ways -- i.e., the narrow path to Life, and the broad-way that the majority of people travel in this world to their own destruction.   While it is true that our present-day understanding of the Gospel is deficient, we must ask ourselves what is the alternative?   Ultimately, what this means is that if you reject religion and put your faith in the Darwinist junk science that is being promoted today, you will die -- and once this fact is recognized, it can be said that if you are a responsible parent you will immediately remove your children from the government system of public schools.   Why?   Because what our children are taught is political, and has nothing in common with man’s true reality.  

What are the implications to this more enlightened understanding about the relationship between matter and what we perceive through our physical senses, and the realm which we do not see which the scientist calls the field?   Because the very foundation of our thinking is in error -- i.e., a philosophy founded upon the idea that the physical world and matter is the self-generating source of life and Creation -- everything we build upon that foundation is equally in error!   What this means is that everything we are teaching our children in science class -- philosophy -- our historical and cultural literature -- as well as the very goals and objectives that we are using to influence and mold the thinking of our children -- are all injurious to their well-being.   Why?   In the words of the respected man of science: Because reality is in the field that our physical eyes and natural organic minds are incapable of detecting -- and what we perceive with our physical eyes is merely the “blemish” that occurs -- something that he describes as a disturbance, and even an accident -- when these fields intersect.   If, then, we desire to see reality, and begin to teach our children reality, then we must begin to develop those parts of our mind that has the ability to detect the field, and learn to observe the movement of the field that is the source of what appears to us from a physical perspective.

What the physicist is telling you is that your physical body that you observe in the mirror – the physical form that you use to present yourself to the world around you -- is in fact caused by a disturbance in your own, personal field -- and it is this field that you do not see, that causes a blemish in this realm that we perceive through the eyes that has been formed out of this blemish.   Again, if what we observe in this world as being concrete, is not really concrete, but merely a frequency that our brain interprets in a concrete manner, then we have the means to develop our mind in order to permit it to detect the full spectrum of frequencies that make up the totality of all of Creation.   Can we do this?   Both the Bible and the holy men and women of the past convey to us that an enlightened vision and understanding of life is not only possible, but it is our eventual destiny.   Thus, the problem is seen in the fact that man’s true reality is neither addressed, acknowledged, or acted upon in any intelligent manner by our politically correct culture that controls the heartbeat of society today.   From our modern scientific perspective, the Darwinist perception of Creation amounts to little more than junk-science, while the findings of genuine science has become as a cult that is not even discussed in our modern educational systems.   To the detriment of our own children, what we teach instead is secular dogma -- anti-religious secular dogma -- that has absolutely no basis in fact.  

If we could but for a brief moment gaze at this world from the perspective of higher reality, what we would immediately realize is that what science is learning about Creation today was in fact elementary to the eyes and understanding of the Hebrew-Christian visionary of the past.   Thus, the great dilemma: It is one thing through scientific endeavor to become aware that these other dimensions exist, and become cognizant of the impact they have upon this world -- and still quite another to move in and out and explore these other realms of existence.   Moreover, all these scientific theories that we have newly discovered today, is not new at all -- and have been well established in the scriptures and the writings of the prophets and visionaries since the dawn of time.   How can this be, you will ask?   Simple!   If we are to even begin to come to terms with our own higher reality and purpose of life, it is absolutely important for us to recognize the fact that man does not need a technically advanced society in order to explore the realms of Higher Mind -- i.e., he only needs his mind -- then it will also be realized that our world of modern technology can in fact be detrimental to our own development, because it has the ability to greatly distract man in his search for the answers to Life.   What this ultimately means is that the wisdom of the ancients could very well be superior to the modern philosophy that our universities teach today.   In fact, if man could see the wonders of Creation clearly, he would quickly realize that the supposed conflict between science and religion is superficial, and is nothing more than the result of ignorance with regard to both the true nature of religion and scientific fact.  

When astronomer James Jeans proclaimed that: “Today there is a wide measure of agreement… that the stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine” -- we should have realized that the ancient men of wisdom did not need our modern-day technological advances to explore a universe that is a “great thought”, they only needed to understand the laws and conditions that limited their own minds from interacting with the Higher Intelligence that put the universe in place!   It should be reasonable to every reader that the means by which we explore the “great thought” of Creation, is to use our own thought and mind as a vehicle in which to travel beyond this world of physical appearances.

The true spiritual Hebrew and Christian visionaries of the past have always acknowledged the validity of the objects that appear to our senses as being of a physical nature -- i.e., no one is denying that what we perceive with our physical eyes as being concrete to the senses does indeed exist -- but they also assert that there is a good deal more than what we see -- and modern science has progressed to the degree where it can now affirm this universal religious position.   In the words of Einstein:  “We may therefore regard matter as being constituted by the regions of space in which the field is extremely intense… There is no place in this new kind of physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality” (quoted in M. Capek, The Philosophical Impact of Contemporary Physics).  

PUBLIC SCHOOL CURRICULUM DETRIMENTAL TO CHILD: What this means is that modern-day Atheism and the non-religious curriculum of our present-day public schools which is attempting to re-engineer Creation in reverse of  reality, is in fact a very real detriment to both our children and the society at lodge.   Why?   Because every aspect of the agenda that is being taught -- the very mindset that our children are being imbued with -- is flawed because it is being built upon the wrong foundation and vision of Creation.   Modern science has already proven our very defective vision of Creation to be in error, but they are unable to invoke any meaningful change in the world-view that has been described as “fossilized” by the more enlightened perception of human reality.   Why?   Because their opponents are motivated by an anti-God agenda that it is designed for the express purpose of opposing traditional religion which they view as being too (sexually) restrictive -- i.e., resulting in the fact that they do not desire to seek knowledge, understanding and higher truth -- but merely to oppose religion, standards of behavior and morality, and God.  

Thus, the problem: Once properly understood, the traditional religious system of morality is not restrictive at all -- and what I will demonstrate throughout this web site is that in order to even begin to open the mind to man’s higher reality, man must cease to squander away his vital life-force, and channel this spiritual energy in a way that will enable him to utilize a greater portion of his potential of mind.  

The secular quasi-priests of our culture are not interested in Truth -- and will only embrace whatever knowledge supports their carnally indulgent lifestyle.   Instead of seeking the truth, the anti-God advocates attempt to ignore the facts -- close their minds to whatever does not conform to their perception of the world -- and continue to live in a cocoon that shields them from the sight of reality.   Is such a statement absurd?   Not once it is realized that their own prophets of science have warned them that the true source of all that we see, think and feel, as well as all events that we interact with on a daily basis, lies beyond the physical world they view with their bodily senses.   What this means is the very proofs they deny with respect to the existence of what they call the supernatural, has been virtually placed in their hands -- and they continue to ignore reality because it does not conform to their own vision of life.   Why?   Because if they even admit that the Darwinist vision of Creation is in grave error, they will then be rejected by the masses of people they are attempting to influence and control.  

One of the fundamental truths that Jesus taught, and is no longer clearly understood today, was that part of our being is not manifest in this world -- i.e., while it is true that mankind has a physical body and associated organic mind that interacts with the natural world in which it appears that we presently dwell, he also possesses a soul and spiritual nature that simultaneously exists in separate and distinct parallel spheres of consciousness.   In the words of St. Teresa of Avila: “The soul,” she explains, is as a castle made of a single diamond… in which there are many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions” (Interior Castle by St. Teresa of Avila).  

What the teachings of the Bible reveal is that man is incomplete in his natural organic state of being -- and if we are to enter into the Kingdom that Jesus declared, we must learn to function in all the inner rooms of the soul simultaneously.   Those people who were truly faithful to the teachings of the Lord, and walk in The Way, are able to overcome the limiting shackles of the physical body, break free of the power that controls this world, and transcend the divides between each of the three realms that comprise man’s physical, soul and spiritual natures.   What we fail to comprehend is that mankind is temporal because of his divided state of being -- that he can only utilize less than ten percent of his potential of mind because these other elements of mind correspond to these other realms that his soul and spirit simultaneously dwells in -- and that the biblical perception of perfection and oneness is indicative of the condition when man has overcome his divided nature -- ultimately becoming One with his Source of Being.   True faith, then, can only be measured and realized by those who actually follow in the footsteps of the Lord -- step by step -- and in the biblical vision of the prodigal son, return to the Kingdom from which they originally emerged.

What man in his carnal state of mind fails to understand is the paradoxical nature of reality -- and that from the vision and perception that Darwin viewed the world, he was not entirely wrong.   It is true that in his natural, physical state of being, man is very much an integral part of nature -- but because Darwin’s perception of the world was limited to this realm of physical appearances, he attempted to explain mysteries that can only be comprehended when one is able to simultaneously see and understand how this world interacts with the parallel realms that he is unable to perceive with his bodily senses.  

As a physical being, Darwin was correct in his conclusion that man is very much an integral part of nature.   But what does this mean?   Darwin observed that everything in this world is intimately entwined as a part of the whole -- so much so, that man himself can be likened to our understanding of the vegetable kingdom -- in that nature is One, and in the same way that the vegetable kingdom is one of the primary sources of the oxygen which is necessary to support all organic life, what we fail to understand is that physical man emits a vibratory-power in his life-force that the natural organic balance of this world uses to maintain its consciousness and influence over all that exists in this realm of being.   What this ultimately means is that physical man is both present and necessary to the balance of this world, because he is an integral part of nature, and the world needs him -- i.e., it needs the vibratory frequency of mind that man emits.   But, unlike the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms which are very much of this realm, man possesses a soul and spirit that is not of this world -- and he has the ability to direct his vital life-force energies into this indwelling Kingdom (Luke 17:21), and thereby develop his mind and consciousness beyond the natural three-dimensional limitations of this world.  

If we can grasp this concept that physical man’s body is an integral element of the makeup and balance of this world -- and yet, unlike the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms that are very much a part of this realm, man has the ability to direct his life-force beyond the scope of the natural organic world -- i.e., within himself, instead of into the outside world -- then we must begin to contemplate a whole new dimension to what Jesus taught with respect to his declaration that the Kingdom can never come upon the earth in the manner that men predict, because it already exists within the mind of man.   Yet, there is an obstacle that must be overcome -- and in the Bible this obstacle is portrayed as the god of this world which is actively working in the life of every individual.   Thus, the Bible also warns us that when the (genuine) followers of Jesus begin to seek to overcome the three-dimensional barrier of this world and enter the indwelling Kingdom, that their powers (of mind and being) not only become stronger and more complete, but by virtue of this redirection of their energies, they actually begin to deprive this natural world of the vital organic life-force that it needs and uses as a source to feed upon.   What this means is that both this natural world and the biblical portrayal of Satan, actually need us to continue to survive and maintain their harmonic balance and power in this realm.

Again, it is important for us to contemplate man’s higher reality and its effect upon organic nature from the perspective of the stability of this world.   One of our greatest shortcomings is seen in the fact that we do not fully comprehend the implications of the vision of Darwin in our lives -- i.e., because we see ourselves as not only being separate, but also elevated to the position as the rulers of nature, we often fail to envision our physical self as being an integral part of this world.   To perceive the whole picture, we must begin to perceive this world as a living organism that our physical bodies are an integral part of.

LIVING UNIVERSE: Only when we begin to heed the wisdom of the modern scientist who has warned us that we are dwelling in an “…intelligent universe… that resembles a great thought”, can we even begin to comprehend why Jesus very clearly predicted that his true followers will be persecuted in the same manner that he was.   Why?   Why could he so reassuringly make such a statement?   What Jesus was attempting to convey to us was the reality of man in relation to the consciousness of this world.   When one man or woman begins to discover that they are able to gain access to a parallel realm which Jesus taught was a Heavenly Kingdom, because this individual person’s presence actually begins to affect other men and women as they begin to discover their own indwelling spiritual nature and access to this Kingdom, from the perspective of this world, this loss of vital life-force can be compared to our own loss of blood.  

In the same way that we would quickly apply pressure or a bandage to stop the loss of blood in order to preserve our own life, the consciousness of this world moves to squash both the individual and the group who begin to redirect their vital life-force inward -- thereby depriving the natural organic world of life-force in the manner of our own body halting a loss of blood.   Why?   Why does the collective consciousness of this realm act in this manner?   In order to maintain it’s own survival.   If the scientist is correct in his modern-day understanding that we are presently dwelling in an “…intelligent universe… that resembles a great thought”, then any loss of vital life-force and balance from the perspective of this world must immediately be dealt with in order to maintain (organic) life!

It is for this reason that Jesus warned his followers that they would be scorned and despised by the people of this world -- and in the manner of a disease, their death and demise would be looked upon as the destruction of heretics and evildoers.   The Bible very clearly warns us that we dwell in a world of reverse polarity -- resulting in the fact that carnal men will always perceive the Light to be evil!   Why?   Because their consciousness is very much organic and of this world -- and those who walk in The Way, and succeed in overcoming the three dimensional barrier and are able to manifest the inner Kingdom, become a threat to the survival of this natural realm.   Once this great truth is understood, we can then begin to realize that the prediction of the Apostle Paul with respect to the takeover of the church by the forces of darkness was something that was both necessary and imminent from the perspective of the consciousness that controls this world.   The Church in its original spiritual form was a disease!  

This world and the natural organic power that controls it is referred in the scriptures as being enveloped in darkness, because its three-dimensional reality is incomplete -- resulting in the fact that it greatly limits and inhibits the mind from seeing, perceiving, and comprehending man’s higher reality and state of being.    From the perspective of what the Apostle Paul called the god of this world, the teachings of The Way was a threat to the natural organic balance of this world.   Paul therefore knew that in time, the Spiritual Church had to be replaced by a shadow church that would appear to be in accordance with New Covenant teachings, but was not!

We have been warned by the modern scientist that we are possessed by an outmoded perception of Creation -- and it is not until we begin to re-evaluate everything we think we know and understand -- look beyond our "fossilized” vision of life -- and start to perceive this realm as a living collective consciousness, can we begin to even contemplate the organic cause of why man only uses less than ten percent of his potential of mind -- which ultimately portrays the plight of man when he attempts to redirect his vital life-force inward in his search for what the Bible portrays as the gate to the Kingdom.  The scriptures warn us that we are blind to man’s higher reality -- and the modern scientist has confirmed this fact.   The scriptures warn us that we only hear and comprehend with a very suppressed and limited perception of what we think we see and understand -- and again, the modern scientist has confirmed this fact.   How long will we continue to delude ourselves?